Launching Bach Khoa Network and Security Solutions Joint Stock Company (BKIS JSC)
11:27 | 27/08/2014
Bkis JSC is the 8th member of BK – Holdings. The major business lines of company are consulting, assessment, network security and network security experts training which can work for offices, businesses in Vietnam.
VNCPC attended Asia Pacific Roundtable for Sustainable Consumption and Production in Sri Lanka
09:28 | 28/11/2011
(VNCPC) Roundtable on Asia Pacific Production and Sustainable Consumption (Asia Pacific Roundtable for Sustainable Consumption and Production - APRSCP) was formed in 1997 to promote dialogue and cooperation in industry, government and non-governmental organizations in the region. The conference focused on finding solutions to problems in the region and around the world such as pollution, excessive consumption and sustainable development. The conference has built a strong network for the Asia Pacific region.
The corporation between BK – Holdings and INPG Enterprise SA (IESA), Grenoble University, France
10:18 | 18/08/2014
On the morning 22nd February2013, the leadership of INPG Enterprise SA including Prof. H.M Michaud – CEO and Prof. Eric Zamai – Deputy Director of Southeast Asia region met to visit and work with the leadership of BK – Holdings. Representatives of BK – Holdings including Associate Prof. Tran Van Binh – Chairman of the Boards of BK-Holdings and Mr.Nguyen Trung Dung – General Director of BK – Holdings.
VNCPC contributed in developing green industry in Vietnam
10:18 | 18/08/2014
Dated 05/03/2010 in Hanoi, the Ministry of Education and Training, Industrial Development Organization United Nations (UNIDO), Swiss Agency for Cooperation (SECO / SCD) in Vietnam tripartite conference project evaluation results VIE/04/064 "Promote new services on Cleaner Production in Vietnam through the Vietnam Cleaner Production Centre".
BKACAD wins the first prize at Vietnam Netriders Skills 2010 competition
10:18 | 18/08/2014
It is the third consecutive time that BKACAD has surpassed 15 teams from universities all over the country to win the first prize at 2010 Network Skill contest held by Cisco networking academy.