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Thứ năm, 09/02/2023

VNCPC attended Asia Pacific Roundtable for Sustainable Consumption and Production in Sri Lanka

09:28 | 28/11/2011

 (VNCPC) Roundtable on Asia Pacific Production and Sustainable Consumption (Asia Pacific Roundtable for Sustainable Consumption and Production - APRSCP) was formed in 1997 to promote dialogue and cooperation in industry, government and non-governmental organizations in the region. The conference focused on finding solutions to problems in the region and around the world such as pollution, excessive consumption and sustainable development. The conference has built a strong network for the Asia Pacific region.

The 9th APRSCP be held from 10 - 12.06.2010 at Colombo (Sri Lanka) with the participation of delegates from many countries in the Asia Pacific region and representatives of the Organization Industrial Development UNIDO United Nations, Environment Programme UNEP United Nations, the Asian Development Bank ADB ... Delegation of the Cleaner Production Centre Vietnam include six members attended the meeting with three presentations: Case studies of innovative sustainable products in Vietnam and the recommendations for a social production and consumption more sustainable (Nguyen Hong Long) potential reduction in carbon emissions by end of South Vietnam energy use of rice husk (Le Xuan Thinh) establish systems for sustainable production of rattan products in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam (Duong Thi Lien).