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BKACAD wins the first prize at Vietnam Netriders Skills 2010 competition

10:18 | 18/08/2014

 It is the third consecutive time that BKACAD has surpassed 15 teams from universities all over the country to win the first prize at 2010 Network Skill contest held by Cisco networking academy.

Vietnam NetRiders Skills 2010 competition was organized at Information technology Park, Ho Chi Minh National University. 45 students were divided into 15 teams (3 students in each team) then took an online test to assess the theory and practice ability. The leading e-learning system and Cisco’ s Packet Tracer software were used for simulating one real network as well as for students to perform a trial measurement.

The final result: the 1st prize belongs to Bach Khoa IT Academy (BKACAD) team- Hanoi University of Science and Technology; the 2nd prize for  proNet networking Academy - HoChi Minh National University and  Da Lat University gains the 3rd prize. The winning teams are rewarded with the certificate of achievement and a prize, products of wireless broadcasting Cisco Linksys Wireless Router of Cisco Consumer Group.

Students in the first prize team will represent Vietnam to participate in Cisco’s Asia Pacific NetRiders competition expected to take place on 28th October, 2010. In 2009, BKACAD stood in the 4th place in Cisco’s Asia Pacific NetRiders competition.

Answering after the competition, Mr. Tran Van Thanh, a lecturer of Bach Khoa IT Academy (BKACAD) said: “the content of this contest is related to CCNA course. So all teams have to undergo theoretical and practice skill exams on real equipment. The time for practice occupies 50% of CCNA duration with the most modern lab facilities in Vietnam. Learners at BKACAD are indeed better at practicing and manipulating on real equipments than other teams. Through this contest, learners have been more aware of the importance of practicing skill, which is the critical point in helping learners to approach and do a good job at enterprises.”

As a part of programs’ Cisco networking academy, NetRiders Skills competition is an annual event with an aim to provide students with an opportunity to make knowledge acquired in schools become practical skills. Through the contest, Vietnam Cisco looks forward to seek for excellent students, top talents in this field. Concurrently, the contest is an useful playground for learners’ knowledge and level to be recognized in IT field.