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BKACAD successful CCIE training new version in Vietnam

09:12 | 12/11/2011

Information from BKACAD, network institutions authorized to grant the first area in Vietnam, the only units allowed under the standard Cisco CCNP training, trainers Tran Van Thanh of the Institute has become one of Vietnam's new CCIE exam the new version (focus on technical troubleshooting) after the examination in Hong Kong early this July. Born in 2004, up to now, institutions have trained thousands of CCNA, CCNP and hundreds in 2010 marked a new development step with an official CCIE training success. This is not just my own BKACAD development but also marked the continuous development in the field of international IT training in Vietnam.

CCIE - Trần Văn Thành

Cisco Certified Network Professional - CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert) are as much targets of IT engineers and is considered one of the prestigious IT certificates in the world is also difficult to achieve certification Most of Cisco's certification system. In Google, type in the phrase "Doctorate of networking," we will have over 22,000 CCIE results were described by the phrase above. In Vietnam, it was translated as "Dr. Cisco." One of the reasons that many people are striving constantly to achieve this certificate is to demonstrate the highest capacity of skills deployed network technologies. Besides, the salary of a CCIE specialist in Vietnam is also quite interesting: a few thousand dollars per month. (In the U.S. or Europe, the minimum starting salary of a CCIE 120,000 USD / year) 
According to the notice of Cisco, has over 40,000 views so far CCIE exam. Countries in Southeast Asia have also achieved many CCIE (Thailand: 81, Singapore: 204, Philippines 24, Malaysia: 100), while China has more than 1000 people achieve CCIE certification. In Vietnam the number who achieve only approximately 50 new CCIE. Besides the reasons is the difficulty of the exam pass rate for the first time is 1 / 10 the more common reasons for Vietnam is the financial investment for this certificate is very expensive. 
Lecturer Tran Van Thanh - CCIE post in Vietnam, said code 26459: The request requires the CCIE exam should have at least 600 hours of practice on networking equipment, want to join CCIE certification course , learners must have a high level of general IT and network technology in particular. One important thing is to have sufficient infrastructure and equipment standards to be able to practice and finally have the financial ability. Generally, students pay about $ 16,000 for a course of eight months to a year. Besides, the difficulty for most people Vietnam is the lack of materials and media studies. I pass the CCIE exam is due in large part of the teaching staff has dedicated BKACAD guidance, supply of materials as well as learning facilities, especially equipment with full laboratory BKACAD unique experiment in Vietnam is capable CCIE training. In six months in BKACAD exam, my day started well in labs and research from 8am to very late. Each day shall be a lab for eight hours, with all knowledge. Sometimes I feel so difficult. I crash a lot of English materials are available in the lab during this time. 
According to Nguyen Trung Dung - CEO BK-Holdings, Hanoi University of Technology (managing unit of BKACAD): previous studies and CCIE certification exam must be done overseas at a total cost up to hundreds million VND (including tuition, materials, exam fees, airfare, accommodation .. etc. ..) which can not be due to a training unit of any standard in this field. CCIE number reached a country partly reflect the ability of IT in the development or construction consultant telecommunications network scale and complexity. The BKACAD successful CCIE training will be new developments in the IT Training and Certification highest international level in the country in the world right. I hope that, with greatly reduced costs, CCIE numbers in Vietnam will increase rapidly in coming years, IT contributed to the progress of our country with more chicken level and the IT world Hanoi University of Technology is ready to lead in providing human resources and IT services at highest level. /.