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Thứ năm, 29/09/2022

BK-Holdings participated in the Workshop “Introduce VIIP Project – Seafood Sector” in Hai Phong

10:24 | 24/10/2014

 The project “Innovation towards low-income people in Vietnam” (VIIP) by World Bank to support Vietnam Government with the total investment of 55 million dollar has been implemented during 5 years (2013-2018). The main objective of the project is to support research institutes and enterprises in completion, reception, update, development, scale up and commercialization of innovative technologies to create products and services serving low-income people, contributing to improving the lives of low-income people. 

These priority areas have been supported by the Project: 
a. Traditional medicine 
b. Information technology
c. Agriculture and fisheries
To begin the project, the project manager organized the workshop “Introduce to the innovation towards low-income people in Vietnam project – Seafood Sector” was first held in Hai Phong in June 3 2013. 
Dr. Trinh Xuan Anh presented at the workshop
BK-Holdings had a presentation about products and technologies of HUST which have related to seafood sector, presented by Dr.Trinh Xuan Anh. In this presentation, BK-Holdings has introduced “Some technology solutions and application products in the Seafood Sector”, in which introduced about the technologies fish by LED, ship for fishing, from probiotic preparations product for aquaculture to SURIMI processing technology and other trade promotion activities.